What’s the Rudest Thing Your Coworkers Do?
We may love our co-workers or they may drive you crazy because you spend more time with them than anyone else.There's not a single person in the world whose co-workers are polite and considerate 100% of the time. So, if you had to narrow it down to the rudest thing that your co-workers do, what…
Is It Okay To Watch Netflix at Work? [Poll]
Is it okay to watch Netflix at your desk during the day? Now I realize that this question might lead you to immediately say, "No way!"  But before you answer, I'd like you to really think about it.
Are Working Mothers More Stressed Out Than Stay at Home Moms?
We know that being a working mother is stressful.  That's a scientific fact.  Juggling a career and a family is one of the hardest things anyone will EVER do.
But if you find yourself dreaming of leaving your job to give yourself the relief of just focusing on the family . . . bad news…
Working More Than 11 Hours a Day Will Kill You
THIS is exactly why you should always slide down the dinosaur and peddle your car home with your feet as SOON as your work day's over.
According to a new study out of University College London, working 11 hours or more on a daily basis will KILL YOU.