Today on The Morning Show, Jackie was talking about how Boise made a list of cities with the safest drivers.  Actually, Boise tied for the #1 spot.  Who knew?

That got us to talking about driving in bigger cities vs smaller Idaho towns like Twin Falls.

There seems to be some division on this one.   While Jackie thinks that Salt Lake makes for a much better drive, I prefer driving in Twin.

I find Twin Falls drivers are  always often usually respectful.  If I'm on Blue Lakes trying to get over,  someone will usually let me in.

Jackie said that she prefers the faster pace of Salt Lake and that they are better at using turn signals.

I have to give her some credit on the speed issue.  I've been stuck behind someone going about 15 on Blue Lakes more than once.

Your response this morning was split.  Some of you called and said Idaho had better drivers and some of you sided with Salt Lake.  One thing I noticed:  The drivers that called and said Salt Lake was a terrible place to drive, were all truckers.  I tend to trust the opinion of someone who drives for a living.

What do you think?  Here are some of your calls from this morning.