Winter Weather Advisory Issued for Southern Idaho
Southern Idahoans can expect to see snow fall in the next 24 hours as a cold front moves in. The National Weather Service in Boise issued Winter Weather Advisory for parts of southern Idaho, including much of southern Twin Falls County. Northern Nevada is also expected to see snow on Wednesday.
What Is Idaho The Worst At
Obviously there are a lot of great things about Idaho...but not everything is great. In fact, we are definitely the worst at some things.
What is Your Biggest Pet Peeve?
Deep down we're all just old people annoyed by everything and everyone. My pet peeves seem a little odd but everyone is annoyed by something. I hate when the handle gets stuck on the toilet and you can hear the water trying to fill up the tank and I hate slow drivers. What's yours?
Truck Driver Who Crashed into Police Cars Is Charged with Murder
Back in May, a trucker crashed into two police cars and three fire trucks on the side of the highway near Yuma, Arizona, killing one of the officers.
He claimed he was checking his mirrors and didn't see them but his cell phone data revealed he was looking at photos of half-naked women on Facebo…

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