Book bag?  Got it.  Lunch money?  Alright.  Wait a minute... What time is practice today?  Just when you think you're off the hook for 7 hours a day, reality comes rushing in.  Let's face it, school is stressful.

First there's the whole money issue.  About the time you're done buying supplies, fees, dues, activity cards and uniforms for sports, you wonder if any of your property taxes are actually going towards education.  Next, there's the homework.  Sure, you get a few freebies the first few days of school but by the end of week one, you'll remember why you wound up doing half your kids' homework the year before.  Then there's the practice schedules.  How many times have you taken one kid to practice just to remember that you forgot to pick up your other child from theirs?

Someone hit me over the head and wake me up when it's summer.