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Is Crowd-Sourcing The New Way To Pay For College In Idaho
Here's a sign of the times we live in. You used to have to get a job and save money to pay your way through college. Now, it is easier (and sometimes more profitable) to create a crowd-sourcing plea and see if internet users will pay your way through life.
No Homework Policy Comes To Idaho School
Most Twin Falls kids have already started school and the rest will be starting in just a few days and I'm willing to bet that all of them wish this story applied to them. There is an Idaho school that has decided to not give out homework this year!
The Best Way To Wake Up Your Kids
Waking up your kids can be as big of a chore as getting them to go to sleep on time. We have all experienced the child who refuses to get out of bed. While you may want to dump a small glass of water on them, there are better ways to get them to open their eyes.
Backpack Policies in Twin Falls Schools [UPDATE]
UPDATE, Monday August 29th - The Twin Falls School District has just released the following statement.
The middle school leadership teams are also exploring the idea of letting students bring clear backpacks to help with carrying supplies and alleviating security concerns.
School Bus Issues In Twin Falls
Twin Falls parents are extremely frustrated with the bus system in Twin Falls. Some parents reported that their children aren't getting home until after 6pm. Karen Stuart wrote on Facebook
I saw a bus drop a family of children off at a home at 6 tonight. That means they were on that bus for 3 ho…
How Much Sleep Do Your Kids Really Need?
We are all prepared for school to start tomorrow, right? We've known this day was coming but none of us are 100% prepared. And nothing can prepare us for putting our kids to bed while it's still light outside. That being said, if you have any tricks please let me know.
How Much Did You Spend On School Supplies?
Ten years ago, you could buy your children's school supplies for under $40. If you use coupons, you might be able to buy your children's school supplies for under $40 this year. However, most Twin Falls parents report spending between $60 to $100 per child this year on school supplies…

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