Family Movie Night is fun, right? Popcorn! Family time! Family Movie Night is great, until you make a bad movie call...

The judgement I made on Saturday night should have gotten me a, "Worst Mom Ever" award. It was my three year-old's turn to pick the movie. He ended up choosing "Gremlins." I remember watching Gremlins when I was little. We even had Gremlin dolls that we played with. It seemed harmless enough.

I didn't remember the movie being scary!

But it was very apparent when the mom on the movie proceeded to put a gremlin in a juicer, that this was not a movie for young children. My husband and I looked at each other and said, "Who's scared? Why don't we watch Barney instead?"

It was a terrible moment in my parenting career. I made a mental note to never let me kids watch a movie that wasn't highly recommended for young children.