What Is Idahos Favorite Romantic Comedy
Valentine's Day is upon us and whether you've been struck by Cupid's arrow or going to be flying solo, there are a few romantic comedies that are tried and true wins for Valentine's viewing.
Favorite Christmas Movie
Every Christmas season it is my personal goal to make my kids watch every Christmas movie I can get my hands on.
Sometimes the Christmas movies that I love are the ones my kids think are lame. Elf is a perfect example. I love Elf but my kids would rather watch The Grinch...
Top 7 Darkest Christmas Movies
With now less than a week until Christmas you've probably caught up on multiple viewings of Elf, Polar Express, and The Santa Clause movies.
What you might need now is a movie a little more aimed at adults and not 3 year old kids (looking at you Frozen).

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