Think the government is content just taking income tax on every dollar you earn, and sales tax on every dollar you spend?  Come on.  Here are some actual, extra, obscure taxes from around the country.  And a few random tax breaks too.  A few.

 Body piercing tax.  In Arkansas, there's a 6% tax on body piercing.  And also on gutter cleaning and pet grooming.

 Haunted house tax.  In New York, operas and musicals are exempt from sales taxes . . . but any Halloween show with music has to pay a tax.

 Death tax.  In Seattle, Washington, you . . . or really your family . . . owes a $50 tax when you DIE.

 Stripper tax.  If it isn't hard enough being a stripper in Utah, there's an extra 10% tax on strip clubs.

 Double amputee tax break.  In Oregon, if you're a double amputee, you get a $50 tax break.  But if you're a single amputee . . . no break.

100-year-old free spirit tax break.  In New Mexico, you can get a good tax exemption if you're 100 and older.  But only if no one else claims you as a dependent.

Via  (Forbes)