If you've been on the planet longer than a month, you've probably had to deal with at least one bad customer service agent.

Good customer service can help keep a customer coming back for years.  But BAD customer service can do the opposite.  Here's a list from Inc.com of the top five phrases customers hate to hear.

1.)  "I'm Sorry, but That's Our Policy." It just makes you angrier and more frustrated.  And you're less likely to REMAIN a customer.  Basically, they're just trying to get rid of you, and it's obvious.

2.)  "There's Nothing I Can Do." It's another one that turns customers away.  Plus, it's usually not true.  At the very least, they can offer you a refund.  Or if THEY can't, their manager probably can.

3.)  "Can You Hold for a Minute?" Chances are, you've already BEEN on hold, so they shouldn't leave you hanging without telling you when they'll be back.

It's much better when they get specific and say something like, "I'm putting you on hold so I can talk to my supervisor.  But I'll be back in a minute to let you know if I have an answer yet."

4.)  "You'll Have to Go to Our Website." It's just one more way of saying there's nothing they can do.  And if you've already checked the website, it's infuriating.

If you really DO have to go to the website . . . and they can't help you over the phone . . . they should at least offer to email you a direct link to the page you're looking for.

5.)  "You'll Need to Talk to the Manufacturer." It's basically like saying they want to pass you off onto someone else.  And even though they were happy to take your money . . . they don't care if you're satisfied with what you paid for.