Do Twin Falls Grocery Stores Need These?
Grocery stores across the nation are seeing a need for relaxed check out lanes. Most Twin Falls grocery stores currently have family check out lanes and express check out lanes, why not have relaxed check out lanes?
New Boutique in Downtown Twin Falls
Over the weekend local residences took advantage of a new clothing boutique in downtown Twin Falls. The boutique, Fashion 15 Below, was opened by Erin Rigel. You may know Erin from The Little Black Fashion truck.
New Retail Shops Now Open
We love it when new stores open in Twin Falls. Having retail options is good for everyone.
New stores continue to open at the Canyon Park West shopping center. Those stores recently include Ulta and Petco.
Cash & Carry is Coming to Twin Falls
Construction seems to be going on everywhere in Twin Falls. I am ecstatic about the growth, and am really happy about the latest business that was announced. On June 1st construction for the new Cash & Carry Food Service building began at 1777 Canyon Crest Drive in Twin Falls.
Bring Trader Joe’s to Twin Falls
If you are on a specific diet you may struggle with finding food options in Twin Falls. Because of this a group of citizens have started campaigning for a 'Trader Joe's.'
Self-Checkout is Turned Us All Into Thieves
This isn't a promising look at the modern state of ethics.
According to a study from AOL Money of almost 5,000 people, almost one-third admit they've stolen something at a grocery store self-checkout.

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