I like to think my neighbors like me, but maybe I am making them very angry. According to a new survey from Daily Mail, 60% of people say they don't get along with at least one of their neighbors.  The top five reasons why are:  They block your driveway . . . they park in your spot . . . their dog barks all day . . . their garden or lawn is a mess . . . and you can hear them swearing outside.

1.  They block your driveway.

2.  They park in your spot. 

3.  Their dog barks all day.

4.  Their garden or lawn is a mess. 

5.  You can hear them swearing outside.

6.  They're always fighting.

7.  They have too many late night parties. 

8.  Their pets do their business on your lawn.

9.  Their children are always screaming outside. 

10.  You can't be bothered to get to know them.  ()