According to a new study from ,Los Angeles Times the number of injuries and deaths involving vehicles hitting pedestrians wearing headphones has tripled since 2004.


Now . . . the numbers are still small. But it looks like a growing trend, and that's worth getting a little bit worried about.

In 2004, there were 16 cases where pedestrians wearing headphones were hit by cars or trains and injured or killed.  Last year, there were 47.

This only counted cases where people were listening to music through headphones, not cases where people were talking on their phones.

 Overall, 68% of the victims were male, 67% were under 30, and 70% died.  In 29% of the cases, reports said that the victim didn't hear horns or sirens before the crash.

 So look.  Not that many pedestrians have been hurt or killed because they're wearing headphones and blasting music.  But the numbers are going up, and these are truly avoidable injuries and deaths.  So let's be safe out there, okay?