We have all been driving down the road opening a chocolate milk, loading a DVD player and unwrapping a hamburger for our children in the back seat. Even though I have done this million times in my car I still think that texting while driving is more distracting. 

Forget about cell phones, the biggest distraction for drivers is . . . their children in the backseat.

A new survey that was conducted by PR Newswire surveyed people on distractions when they're behind the wheel, and one in three said that their kids' disputes are the biggest problem.

The next biggest distraction is dealing with comments from backseat drivers.  One in four drivers complained about that.

As you might expect, drivers in the prime parent age of 35-to-44 years old are most likely to complain about their kids.  Drivers under age 24 and over age 55 are more bothered by backseat drivers.

Cell phones were the third biggest distraction, with only one in five people saying they're distracted by calls and texts.

One in eight drivers say that loud music distracts them, and one in 25 say that passengers smoking is a distraction.

So before you try to break up an argument between your kids you may want to pull over and sort it out SAFELY!