2012 was an interesting year for me. I saw my role as the Digital Managing Editor change greatly as it evolved over the course of the year, my son sprouted up despite my best effort to keep him small, and my personal life was a complete roller coaster. But this top ten isn't about me, but the articles I wrote for you guys! Here are my Top 10 Articles from 2012, as chosen by your clicks.

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    Pop Goes Terry’s Calf Muscle

    I leaned over to pick up one of my son’s toys off the floor and I felt something “pop” in my calf muscle that was immediately followed by the sensation of water running down my leg, and then searing, blinding pain. Turns out I tore the muscles in my calf. You guys laughed at me. It's okay. I looked like an idiot in that boot.

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    Kitty Copter – I Can’t Decide If This Is Horrible Or Funny [Video]

    One of the more tasteless things I've ever posted... a man turned his beloved dead cat into a remote control kitty helicopter. I'm not going to lie, I still laugh when I watch Kitty Copter take off.

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    Did You Know There Are Cockroaches In The Magic Valley?

    I had no idea that there were cockroaches in Idaho. I always considered that more of an east coast problem. As of yesterday, it became my problem. I have cockroaches at my home in Buhl.

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    Write A Letter To Santa And Help The Make-A-Wish Foundation

    As a kid, writing my letter to Santa Clause was a cherished event. Each year my sister and I would sit at the kitchen table with mom and dad, and using our best penmanship (this was before computers), we would write to Santa about how good we’d been, how excited we are for Christmas, and what we would like this year. It was great! Continue that tradition, and this year help the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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    Why Haven’t We Been Back To The Moon?

    On July 20th, 1969, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong became the first men to set foot on the moon. At 2:18 MDT Armstrong announced, “Houston, Tranquility Base here-the Eagle has landed,” and an estimated one billion people watching or listening around the world cheered. The world was united in triumph. Our last Apollo launch, Apollo 17, touched down on the Moon’s surface in 1972 and we haven’t been back since. Why?

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    Do You Believe The World Will End This Friday? [Poll]

    The world is scheduled to end this Friday. Do you really believe the world will end? Well, it didn't.

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    UPDATE: Gigantic Wolf Killed in Sun Valley, Real or Fake?

    Rumors were circulating that this gigantic wolf had been killed in Sun Valley. I did a little digging and uncovered the truth.

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    How Much Data Do You Really Need? – Terry’s Tech Support

    On most cellular carriers Unlimited Data has gone the way of the dinosaurs: extinct. Verizon recently announced they are phasing out the unlimited data option even for customers who are “grandfathered in” like me. Initially I was concerned about living under a limited data cap–with the possibility of overages and additional fees–but then I endeavored to find out how much data I really used. I was surprised by the findings.

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    The End of a Christmas Tradition: This Is The Final Year of the South Hills Christmas Lights

    This year marks the end of a long standing Christmas tradition: the Rock Creek Christmas Lights–which locals call the “South Hills Lights.” This is the final year to drive out to the South Hills and see the lights at the Wojcik’s home, walk through the display, and feed ‘Bull’ the Camel. However, next year will see the beginning of a new holiday tradition.

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    Magic Valley Santa Tracker 2012

    Apparently everyone was looking for Santa because this was my number one most clicked on post of 2012!