Last week Jackie posted a picture of an enormous wolf that had allegedly been killed in Sun Valley. Here's what Jackie wrote:

Check out how BIG this wolf is! This picture has been circulating via Facebook and text messages. It is being said that it was hunted and killed in Sun Valley. Do you think this picture is real or fake?

Turns out the picture is real, but the facts are incorrect. I found the truth on a site called The Outdoor Line. This bohemouth wolf was killed in October of 2009 in Canada, not in Sun Valley. The wolf in this image was shot in Drayton Valley, Alberta which is near Edmonton, and about 3 hours North of Calgary. The wolf reportedly weighs over 230lbs, smashing the previous record of 175lbs.

Contents of the Wolf's stomach were not disclosed but we're fairly certain this Big Bad ate the Three Little Pigs, and Red Riding Hood.