Do Women Really Love Beards? [Poll]
Beards are definitely a trend right now. If beards are well kept I think they are fine, but I am not into "Duck Dynasty." Am I alone? Do women like beards? Do men care?
Worst Fashion Trends of The Century
This century's a little more than 12 years old, and we've already managed to create SO MUCH horrible fashion.  A new poll from the Daily Mail asked people to rank the worst fashion trends of the 21st century.  Here are the results, in order . . .

Sagging pants and exposed underwea…
New Trend Amongst Women
I recently moved and while moving I found a box full of High School memories that included some letters that made me laugh out loud for days.
Identical Outfits for Couples
My husband just loves it when I bring home match outfits for the entire family because I have scheduled family pictures. So I am sure he would love the new trend that is hitting China.
According to CNNGo, the hot new trend in China is couples wearing identical outfits.