CMA Awards Best and Worst Dressed
The CMA Awards is one of the best times of the year to see country stars in their best. Most country stars "wow" us with their CMA atire but sometimes we are shocked at what they choose to wear.
Plastic Surgeon Crafts Pointed Ears for Spock Fans [VIDEO]
These days, you can get plastic surgery on just about anything.
Want a million-dollar caboose a la Kim Kardashian? Done. Don't like the shape of your chin? Not a problem. Want to channel Dr. Spock via elf-shaped ears? Err -- yeah, at least one surgeon in Tempe, AZ, has got the 'Star Trek&ap…
What’s Happening At The CSI Herrett Center
NASA Sun-Earth day on Saturday, March 19th
-          Live webcast starting at noon from Goddard Space Flight Center and various locales around the country emphasizing ancient cultures’ relationships with the sun.
-          Bonus showing of “Here Comes the Sun” in the planetarium at 3:00 PM.
-        …
Searching For Aliens with CSI
Chris Anderson from the Herrett Observatory and Faulkner Planetarium was our guest this morning.  Tonight, he'll be hosting an astromomy talk about the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.  Is there life out there?