Kids Are Now Smoking Coffee?
Before you read this, it's important to note that just because the media is reporting on a new trend, it doesn't necessarily mean your kids are doing it.  But it's good to stay informed, just to be on the safe side.
Apparently some kids are now smoking coffee...
Should The Smoking Age Change?
Currently in Idaho you can buy cigarettes at 18 years of age. That could change. New York is the first state to officially change the legal age of buying tobacco products. Recently the New York Times announced the legal age for buying tobacco, including cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars and …
Did Obama Really Stop Smoking?
Obama has been criticized for smoking because his wife promotes living a healthy lifestyle. Apparently, the President has announced that he hasn't smoked in years thanks to his fear of the first lady, Michelle Obama.
Obama made the announcement in causal conversation when he was caught chatting off-g…
Facebook Could Be Worse for You Than Smoking
I like helps me keep up with out of town family members and it provides hours of mindless entertainment while I am waiting in a doctors office. Maybe it's time to give up Facebook.  Based on the studies from AFP, SMOKING might actually be healthier for you than Facebook is.
 Last week, …
Should We Fine Drivers Who Smoke With Kids In The Car? [Poll]
Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber recently signed a bill that prohibits drivers from lighting up a cigarette if a person under 18 is also in the car. The new law carries a maximum fine of $250 for the first offense.
Is this really a good idea or is Big Brother being too overprotective?

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