Which Steak is Better – Grilled or Smoked?
There's definitely going to be some great steak cooking this weekend.
Do you think it's best to grill your steak or smoke it?  I suppose it's a matter of preference but I'd like to know which you like best.
I've never quite been able to get that criss-cross sear with my s…
New Research Reveals Popular Kids Smoke More
We do not know anyone that believes it would be cool to eventually grow up to have heart disease, lung cancer or emphysema.
Yet, a new study suggests that popular students are smoking more cigarettes than those less popular, putting the the "cool kids" at a higher risk for developin…
Should Smokers Be Able to Take Smoke Breaks? [POLL]
Here's another reason to ostracize smokers.
Their cigarettes get them a TON of extra time off.  Light smokers take about 18 minutes of smoke breaks a day, which adds up to the same as NINE extra "vacation" days a year.
Heavy smokers can take up to an hour's worth of br…
Smoke Free Bars In Twin Falls
The other day a friend of mine was talking  to me about how nice it is in Boise to goto dinner at some dance clubs/bars because they are know completely smoke free. She lives in Boise, and told me that almost all of the dance clubs and bars in downtown Boise are smoke free...
Boise Considers New Ordinance to Ban Smoking in Bars and Parks
I was surfing during the news last night and saw on the Boise News  that the city is considering an ordinance that will ban smoking in just about all public places, including parks and bars.
I've always had mixed feelings about this.  While I think its rude to puff away at a park while…