Track Santa’s Journey to the Magic Valley With NORAD
A yearly tradition at my house is to track Santa's journey on Christmas Eve with NORAD. Every Christmas Eve NORAD takes a break from defending us and makes sure Santa's annual trek around the world goes off without a hitch.
I even heard that Santa was escorted by a pair of F-22's into …
Is It Mean To Force Your Child on Santa’s Lap?
It is always fun to go see Santa but it can be intimidating and even scarey for a small child. This weekend my boys were waiting for their turn to see Santa. The little girl in front of us was dressed in a beautiful Christmas dress, but was screaming because she was so scared of Santa! The little gi…
What Did Kids Want For Christmas 100 Years Ago?
There have been a lot of cool and useful inventions in the last 100 years. So, before Legos and Barbies - what did kids want for Christmas 100 years ago? A look back at actual letters to Santa from 1913 is a real eye opener about the requests that kids are making today!

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