Play the 2013 CMA Awards Drinking Game
Tonight (Nov. 6) is the biggest night in country music: the CMA Awards! I love country music, but honestly, awards shows can get a little dry on their own. So, what better way to make the ceremonies more enjoyable than a good old fashioned drinking game?
Forgetting To Tell Your Spouse “The Plan”
My husband and I have several rules in our marriage and one of them is if I make plans for us I have to tell him about the plans 5 days in advance and 2 days before. This rule usually works for us unless I forget to tell him one of the two times. I was given some friendly advice about our rule.
Locker Rooms [POLL]
The locker room at the gym seems really busy right now...probably because of New Years resolutions. A lot of people work out before the go to work or on their lunch hour, so being able to get ready in a locker room is a big advantage for them. I use the locker room to get ready every now and th…
Unwritten Rules for Dudes in Pulblic Restrooms. [POLL]
Last night my wife and I went out with some friends for dinner.  At one point during conversation, the ladies got up at the same time to use the restroom.  It seemed like very 'standard operating proceedure'.  I've seen it a million times and while I've questioned it once or twice, I've learned that…