Would You Rent The Popemobile? [POLL]
Everyone know that one of the most important parts of prom or your wedding is the car you rent.Right? So why not rent the popemobile?
On AOL reports the Irish Popemobile is now available as a rental.
Who’s Better At Parking, Men or Women? [POLL]
My husband and I seem to bicker about lots of small things while in the car together. We seem to argue about everything from snacks, the heater, music and one of the biggest things is where to park. Men are actually right about one thing. THEY REMEMBER WHERE TO PARK BETTER THAN WOMEN.
What Happened At Your Thanksgiving Dinner? [POLL]
Since Thanksgiving I have heard lots of different stories about Thanksgiving dinner going a little different than planned. I have heard everything from drunk relatives at the dinner table to cats getting on the table and helping themselves to dinner before anyone else.
Would You Watch an Ad to Avoid Paying an ATM Fee? [POLL]
I hate ATM Fees.  I mean, I understandy why a machine charges the fee.  The owner of the machine and the service wouldn't make a dime if they didn't dink you every time you took out 20 bucks.
It just seems that I'm nowhere near one of my bank's ATMs when I really need on…
Do Believe In The Turkey Wishbone? [POLL]
Every year there are family members at our Thanksgiving table that fight over the wishbone. Some of my relatives will knock other people out for a chance at breaking the wishbone.
Do Your Neighbors Have Their Christmas Lights Up? [POLL]
Saturday night I went outside to feed the cat and I noticed that all of our neighbors had their Christmas lights up. I was a little surprised but I decided to go with it. As I was putting all of my Christmas decorations out my husband was explaining why it was too early for Christmas stuff.
Would You Use a Baby Mop? [POLL]
We have all tried to save time while cleaning. If this sounds like you then the "baby mop" could be your solution. Not only is it cute but it provides a great function. Some daycare are using these on all their babies to keep their playing environment clean and free of dust mites. …
Voter Guide for Idahoans
(KLIX) - The 2012 General Elections are Tuesday Nov. 6th and if you have not voted yet and need a little guidance hit the link: www.idahovotes.gov . The information is provided by the Idaho Secretary of State's office.

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