Is There A Wrong Way To Eat Trail Mix? [POLL]
My family is extremely mad at me. You would think I had done something terribly wrong like lost the dog. All I am doing to make them mad is apparently, I eat Trail Mix the wrong way. I don't care fr the almonds so I throw them back in the bag. This makes my husband so mad that he will actually …
Why Do Labels Make Women So Happy?
I recently dragged my husband into a Chanel store while we were in California. To my surprise he had no idea how much Chanel bags, jackets, accessorizes, etc really were. If I had know this I wouldn't have taken him into the store in the first place! He laughed out load (embarrassingly) as he flippe…
King Size verse Queen [POLL]
Couples fight over a lot of "little" things and the size of bed to buy seems to be one of them. And now researchers are getting involved, apparently if you have a king size bed intimacy decreases and over time you drift apparently, literally.
Hiding Shopping Bags From Your Spouse [POLL]
OK ladies I am looking for some raw honesty here. I like to think that my husband and I have a very honest relationship, unless it comes to how much I paid for something. While I feel bad about hiding shopping bags, receipts and tags from my husband I really hate explaining why I paid what I paid fo…
Are Energy Drinks Becoming an Issue For Teenagers? [POLL]
Have you every treated yourself to a Red Bull, Monster or 5 Hour Energy. You may like these products, you may even use them on a daily basis. I don't care for them but I love coffee and caffeinated soda so my caffeine intake is probably higher than it should be. Most adults can handle a small amount…
Should We Ban Birthday Cakes From Schools? [POLL]
The Flu season has been awful this year, so I think most parents are doing everything in their power to keep their kids healthy. Some parents are even going as far as banning Birthday cakes from parties and schools because blowing out birthday candles might spread germs.
Chicken In a Biskit vs Ritz? [POLL]
We are having a great cracker debate in our household. While I always buy Ritz crackers and Chicken In a Biskit crackers someone in our household is always complaining when we run out of one of them.

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