Do Men Or Women Have Better Negotiating Skills? [POLL]
I like it that my husband wants to go with me when we make big purchases unless he tells me that he is going with me so I don't get ripped off. I will admit that if we are shopping for a car I will get ripped off every time but if we are shopping for anything else my husband never even tries to…
Can an employer tell you how to wear your makeup?
Most business have dress codes but they usually don't include details on how to wear your makeup. Brightly colored eye shadow is starting to immerse into the world again for the first time since the 90's and some employers are sending their employees home because they show up with hot pink…
Tip Money [POLL]
Sometimes tips are included on your ticket when you dine out and sometimes it isn't. I don't always look at the entire ticket when I pay at a restaurant. I look at the total and pay the bill. A few night s ago my family and I went to dinner. I paid the bill and they left the tip. When I go…
Dieting With Your Spouse [POLL]
If you know me, you know that I am a sucker for any new diet. So when I heard about the 5 and 2 diet I had to try it. I decided that not only was I going to try it  for a week or two but that my husband should do it with me. There is only one simple rule to this diet...
Where Do You Want To Go on Vacation? [POLL]
Most kids are counting the days until summer vacation and if you have a big vacation planned with the family you are probably counting the days until you get a much needed break from work.
Do You Put Money or Candy In Plastic Easter Eggs?
Every year we buy a mass amount of chocolate malt balls and jelly beans to fill plastic eggs for Easter. This year my husband suggested putting money in all of the eggs so that the kids wouldn't have as much candy after Easter.
Is 3 Years Old Too Young For School? [POLL]
My youngest son is turning 3 this summer which means he may be ready for pre-school. My older son was not ready for school when he was 3 so I am really on the fence about sending my youngest to school. Part of me wonders if pre-school at the age of 3 is even beneficial.
Does Monday Ruin Your Sunday Afternoon? [POLL]
Weekends are great! Most of us don't have to work so we are able to spend time with our families. The only bad thing about weekends is that they come to an end. To be honest I hate the end of weekends more than I hate a mouse in the house or bad weather. I find myself dreading Monday so bad tha…
Is 50 Shades of Grey Too Naughty? [POLL]
I am always looking for a good book to read, so when my friend referred the famous book, "50 Shades of Grey" I was excited to buy it...until I started reading it.  I came to realize on page 62 or so that this book was not a romance novel it was an extremely naughty romance nov…

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