Would You Break Into A Car On A Hot Day If Kids Were In It [POLL]
Some people just aren't getting it! If it is hot outside - it is much hotter in a parked car.
In Texas a mom left her kids in the car so she could go get her hair done without being bothered by pesky little kids. Some random strangers saw the kids and since it is Texas and hot - they broke the w…
Have You Seen This Lost Cockatoo Flying around Gooding?
I recieved this from a listener yesterday who said she lost her bird.
"Turd Bird' was last seen on 417 Wyoming St in Gooding.  She's 10 months old and does not answer to her name but she's branded so if you see her, feel free to contact her owner...
What is Your Biggest Pet Peeve?
Deep down we're all just old people annoyed by everything and everyone. My pet peeves seem a little odd but everyone is annoyed by something. I hate when the handle gets stuck on the toilet and you can hear the water trying to fill up the tank and I hate slow drivers. What's yours?