Is It Wrong to Bribe Your Kids?
I will be the first to admit that before I had children I swore I wasn't going to bribe them. Then I started potty training and out came the candy. By the time my kids started school I was bribing them, or as I like to call it...rewarding them, with toys.
Is It OK To Help a Child at a Park?
Helping a child at a park just seems like the right thing to do, right? Apparently, this isn't always the case.
Last month, my family and I were at a park in Washington. A little boy approached me and asked me to lift him onto a swing.
Good News For Parents
The modern parents are juggling a lot of things. Most parents both work. Most kids are involved in some sort of extra curricular activity, or have 3 hours of homework.
Are You Embarrassing Your Kids?
We all post pictures of our kids on Instagram or on Facebook. It's our way of keeping our out-of-town friends and family caught up on what our kids are doing.
But, have you ever wondered if these pictures will embarrass your kids later on in life?
Is It OK To Leave Your Child in The Car For 5 Minutes? [Poll]
A few weekends ago I was reading one of mommy magazines on our way back from a family vacation. As I was reading I was feeling like a slight failure. All of the articles were about, "Amazing Mommy Projects", that I would never attempt. Then I came across an article that would chang…
This Mans Desperate Plea to Mark Zuckerberg Went Viral
John Berlin lost his son in 2012.  In this heartfelt video, he made a plea to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg to allow him access to his son's Facebook account so that he could watch his son's facebook "lookback movie" about his life.  You know, the same Facebook f…
What Ridiculous Things Did Your Parents Tell You?
Most of us believed everything our parents told us when we were little. I remember sitting at the dinner table, choking down every last carrot on my plate because my Grandfather had told me, "if you don't eat your carrots you'll go blind".
Are Replacement Words For Swear Words a Bad Idea?
Teaching your kids right from wrong can be difficult. I like to think I have a good outlook on what is wrong and what is right but explaining the "rules of the world" can be difficult. My three year old has asked me many times if "heck" is a naughty word...

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