Are Trampoline’s Unsafe? [POLL]
My kids have been begging for a trampoline for the past year so we finally gave in and put one in the back yard. My kids love it! And I have to's almost as cool as when I was little. My siblings and I lived on our trampoline from 3 years of age to 18 years of age. It was the one toy …
Driving with Mom and Dad
Yesterday I took a road trip with my parents. It was actually quit fun except for the fact that we are all controlling drivers. My mom loves to give directions, but only if the directions don't include any main roads, and my dad likes to make sure I still know what ten o'clock and two o&ap…
Top Challenges Parents Face
We all struggle with certain issues with our kids. According to Lynn News here are the top 50 challenges parents face.  Ya know, 50 of the EIGHT BILLION.  Here's the top 10 . . .
1.)  Sleepless nights.
2.)  Tantrums.
Things We Do For Our Children [POLL]
Don't aks me why but last night I was watching Dina Eastwood's realty show and she was trying to prove a point to her daughter by periecing her belly button.
97% of Parents Say They Can’t Vacation Like They Want to
If you don't have kids, you'd better get all your exotic traveling in now.  Book your trip to Cambodia or the Amazon or Tahiti.  Because once kids show up, you're looking at a few decades of Disneyland and places that serve mediocre spaghetti.
Are We Putting Kids At Risk By Making Playground Equipment Too Safe?
Playgrounds seem to be a lot safer today than they used to be. You remember sliding down rusty slides into piles of fiberglass and asbestos. Now they're all plastic, and there's no rusty metal or splintering wood. 
Here's an interesting theory from an early childhood specialist in Melbourne from News…

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