new year's resolutions

Tips for Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions
We have all made new resolutions with the best of intentions only to fail a few weeks, or a few months later. Hopefully, your New Years resolutions will go a lot better this year. Here are some tips to help you achieve your goals.
Tips to Lose Weight For Good
After eating nothing but candy since Halloween it's time for me to make some changes in my diet. Instead of dieting like I have in the past, I would like to change my lifestyle so that I can keep my weight down all year. Here are some tips to move you in the right direction.
Man Loses 37 Pounds in Three Months Eating Nothing but McDonalds
Remember the movie Supersize Me, where the guy gained a bunch of weight on an all McDonalds diet?
Well, here's a guy who ate nothing but McDonalds for three months and lost 37 pounds.
Meet John Cisna of Ankeny, Iowa.  He's a science teacher at Colo-Nesco High School in Colo, Iowa...
Do You Think 2014 Will Go Better For You Than 2013?
This might be the ultimate test of whether you're an optimist or a pessimist.  How do you think 2014 is going to go for you? I would like to think that most of us would want 2014 to go better than 2013, but maybe 2013 was amazing!
According to Newsfactor 49% of people say they believe thing…
How Is Your New Years Resoultions Going?
I will be completely honest. One of my resolutions I didn't even start until Monday and my other resolution hasn't been going well. I kind of feel like I need to completely start over. If I do start over does that classify as failing at my New Years resolution...
Guess What Jackie’s New Years Resoultion Is? [POLL]
I usually don't make a New Years Resolution, but after 2012, I think it is a good idea to refocus my thoughts and energy. To be honest, there are so many things I could improve on, it is hard for me to pick just one. So, I think you should help me.
What is Your 2013 New Years Resolution? [POLL]
2012 is basically DONE, so it's time to focus on 2013.  I try not to make any New Years Resolution until the 30th of December, but I would be liei8ng if I said I hadn't started to think about what I need to accomplish in 2013. Here are people's financial resolutions and plans for…

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