new year's day

Twin Babies Born on Different Days
Twin babies with different birthdays is not something that you hear of often. And twin babies that are born in different years is even more rare. One thing is for sure the twin babies born in San Diego will be confused about their birthdays for a while.
Tips for Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions
We have all made new resolutions with the best of intentions only to fail a few weeks, or a few months later. Hopefully, your New Years resolutions will go a lot better this year. Here are some tips to help you achieve your goals.
Tips to Lose Weight For Good
After eating nothing but candy since Halloween it's time for me to make some changes in my diet. Instead of dieting like I have in the past, I would like to change my lifestyle so that I can keep my weight down all year. Here are some tips to move you in the right direction.
What’s the Best Way To Celebrate New Years?
New Years has always been a bit overrated in my opinion, but some people would disagree with me. Some say the best experiences of their lives have happened on New Years. Other people love New Years because its a fresh start. Everyone gets a second chance and is able to make goals for the upcoming ye…
How Is Your New Years Resoultions Going?
I will be completely honest. One of my resolutions I didn't even start until Monday and my other resolution hasn't been going well. I kind of feel like I need to completely start over. If I do start over does that classify as failing at my New Years resolution...
What Time Did You Go To Bed on New Years?
I was visiting with my parents today about New Years and I discovered that they stayed up four hours later than me. What? They are both like 23 years older than me, so I was shocked! To be honest I kind of felt like a loser.
New Years Resoultions
At the end of every year we all reflect on our lives and decide weather we are going to set New Years resolutions or not. Most years I don't bother setting New Years resolutions because I don't want to set myself up for failure but for some odd reason this year I have a lot of them: save m…
What To Do On New Year’s Day 2011
Not heading out of town for the holidays this year? Looking to do something memorable on the first day of 2011 without spending the money needed for a warm-weather or ski vacation? You have lots of options – some even in your own back yard.
Even if you’re in part of the co…