Lego Movie Blooper Reel – Funny But Not as Funny as Toy Story
I think that the Pixar movie "A Bugs Life" was one of the first movies I saw that featured a 'blooper reel' with outtakes and mistakes made by the animated characters during the making of the film.  The Toy Story franchise also does a great job of making you want to …
Things To Do In Twin Falls On a Cold Day
We have had two weekends with awful weather conditions. My family loves the outdoors, so on Sunday afternoon it was an under statement to say they had cabin fever. It was time to find something to do!
Here is a complete list of fun things to do in Twin Falls on a cold weekend:
What Movies Is ‘Netflix’ Getting Rid Of In 2014
According to a post on Reddit, Netflix is planning a movie purge. I just got Netflix about 2 months ago so I know I have barely scratched the surface of all the show options on there - so for me I'll never know what I missed. What movies is Netflix getting rid of in 2014?
Is Catching Fire A Chick Flick?
Tonight's the night! Catching Fire is being released. Most of the people going to the premier tonight are females, but I know several husbands that have a slight interest in the movie. Like the rest of us they want to know what happens to Katniss and Peeta.Other men would argue that the movie i…
Is Kevin Costner In Any Good Movies?
I walked by a poster for The Postman over the weekend and realized that Kevin Costner hasn't been in any good movies. Or maybe he has ruined a bunch of movies by being in them. To me it seems like a chicken and egg he ruining the movies or are all the movies bad?

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