When is it Appropriate to “Shhh” Someone?
Most of us don't want to offend other people or get in unnecessary confrontations.  But sometimes when someone's talking in a movie theater or letting their baby scream on a bus, you NEED to say something.
What Movie Can You Watch Over & Over? [Audio]
I just got back from a recent trip to Texas.  During one of several layovers, I was searching through old movies on my iPhone and pulled up The Matrix.  Between the theatrical release, the dvd, iTunes and countless TV airings, I've probably watched it at least 57 times and I never get…
Magic Mike [Video and Poll]
Every time I turn around there is a group of ladies talking about Magic Mike. I am not sure if the big draw is Mathew McConaughey or Magic Mike himself, who is played by Channing Tatum.
Guys and Movies – Can You Share Popcorn?
I was at the movies with my buddy Nate from KOOL 96.5.  No more than ten minutes into the movie he asked for some of my popcorn.  I leaned in and said what any self respecting man would say:  "Get your own."  Nate was about to break two very important bro rules.
What Movies or TV Shows Always Make You Cry? [POLL]
Do you ever have moments when it seems like all the tearjerker TV shows and movies are on and you can't help but watch them? It is kind of like when your husband watches Star Wars for the 100th time. He knows what happens and how everything ends but he still has to watch it. It is the same thin…
Information Overload – Do You Miss The Good Old Days?
I live for technology. No matter where I am or what I'm doing I always have my iPhone, a laptop, and an always-on internet connection. From the moment I wake up to the last minute before I go to sleep at night, I'm connected in some way to the internet.
I think, more often than not, you are…

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