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Do You Buy A Gift For Someone You Just Started Dating? [POLL]
Christmas gifts can be tricky. Do you have to get every co-worker a gift? Do you need to get your neighbors, babysitters, hair styles, mail carriers, etc. a gift? According to PR Newswire these aren't even the hardest people to shop for. The second-hardest person to shop for is someone you&apos…
Look Who Won Morning Show Munchies
Congratulations to Kendra, Denim, Challis, Neils, Jeff, Alex and Cindy at Idaho Instrument. They won a basket full of munchies and a pot of freshly brewed coffee from Zulu Bagels on Addison Ave. You could win too. Sign up for your chance win...
Why Are Video Games Banded from Certain Households?
My kids love their Wii and I would hate to think how they would react if I threatened to remove it from our home. My kids are young so I don't let them play many games and I certainly don't let them play for long period of times but I have been criticized for letting them play video games …
Jackie Thugg Style or Old School? [POLL]
The Harlem Ambassadors are favored to SMASH The Morning Show with Brad and Jackie on Friday night at CSI. If you want to see some great basketball players, some really bad basketball players (Brad and Jackie),
How Much Quality Time Do You Have? [POLL]
According to a survey from Daily Mail, the average family makes $62,701 a year and has two kids.  Here are 10 other facts on the average family:
1.)  They drive two cars . . . and one of them is a blue Ford.
2.)  There are three cell phones in the house . . . and three laptops.
Boyfriends and Girlfriends in Elementary School?
I picked my son up from his Kindergarten class yesterday and he informed me that a girl in his class said he was, "boiling hot". I almost drove off the road.  I didn't expect him to be even be talking to girls until 5th grade.
When is it Appropriate to “Shhh” Someone?
Most of us don't want to offend other people or get in unnecessary confrontations.  But sometimes when someone's talking in a movie theater or letting their baby scream on a bus, you NEED to say something.
Do You Shower On The Weekends? [POLL]
As soon as you leave work today do you head straight for the couch and junk food?Or WOULD you do that if you weren't such a coward?
According to a new survey from , 33% of Americans say they're a, quote, "completely different person" on the weekends than t…

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