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Kids Klub at Golds Gym Won Morning Show Munchies
Congratulations to Katie, Lacie and the rest of the crew at Kids Klub. They won Morning Show Munchies from Zulu Bagels. Zulu Bagels is located on Addison and on Washington. They have great coffee, bagels, bagel sandwhiches and a drive-thru for your convience...
How Long Should Family Reunions Be? [POLL]
Every year my husbands family gets together for a family reunion camping trip. These camp trips have been a disaster before and they have been a lot of fun. I think it just depends on what mood everyone is in and what everyone already knows about everyone else.
Magic Valley Kayathalon
All proceeds go to the Tug McGraw Foundation. The mission of the Tug McGraw Foundation is to provide resources and hands-on support, foster understanding, promote awareness, and stimulate research and scientific collaboration to improve quality of life for people with brain-related trauma and tumors…
Is 40 Pairs Of Shoes To Many? [POLL]
My husband told me the other night that I couldn't buy any more shoes because I have shoes EVERYWHERE. I tend to keep shoes in a lot of differnt places in my house mainly because there isn't enough room in my closet for all of them.
Legend Toots and the Maytals in Ketchum Thursday Night
This summers concert headliner is Legend Toots and the Maytals. The band won the 2005 Grammy award for best reggae album True Love, with legendary musicians such as Bonnie Raitt, Willie Nelson, Eric Clapton, and Keith Richards, as well as popular artists today such as No Doubt, Ben Harper, and The R…
Who’s Responsibility Is It To Bring Sunscreen?
Over the weekend my husband and I went rafting. It was extremely hot so everyone made sure to apply sunscreen before they left the house. I put sunscreen on my kids and myself. I sent a bottle of sunscreen with my kids but didn't pack a bottle for my husband and I because I figured he put sunsc…
What’s Your Favorite Kind Of Ice Cream? [POLL]
The International Dairy Foods Association says this survey from iIDFA.orgs about Americans' favorite ice cream flavors.  And maybe it is, on the surface.  But to me, it's a survey on how BORING people are.  And we are . . . EXTRAORDINARILY boring.
Here Are the Five Most Awkward Financial Moments
A survey from PR Newswire by asked people what they thought was the most awkward money-related moment.      
Surprisingly, only 17% of people said that splitting the dinner check among a large group of people was awkward.  Here are the five thin…
10 Things New Moms Hate Hearing From People
A survey reported in Daily Mail by the Pull Ups diaper company found that one in four new moms has stopped talking to someone over something they said about their new baby.  Here are the 10 things you shouldn't say to a new mom
What Annoys You Most About Your Neigbors? [POLL]
I read a study this morning that said messy yards are people's number one complaint about their neigbors. I am not sure if this is true because I have had some great neigbors who kept a messy yard. I think my number one compalint would be my neigbors not picking up after their dog...

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