44 Pounds of Pot Nabbed by Elmore County
Southern Idaho authorities stopped 44 pounds of marijuana from reaching their destination this past weekend. In a post on the Elmore County Sheriff's Facebook page, shows bags of marijuana confiscated in a traffic stop just west of Glenns Ferry on Saturday
Two Arrested on Drug Charges After K-9 Finds Pot
Two people are facing drug charges after a police dog found marijuana during a traffic stop earlier this month in Elmore County. According to the Elmore County Sheriff's Office, Jeremy Stram and Crystal Messer were arrested on September 7, and charged with trafficking marijuana after being stop…
Want Medical Marijuana Legalized In Idaho? Read This
I don't share this as a pro or con anything. I am probably the least educated person that could possibly be talking about the benefits or evils of marijuana. When I want to get crazy, I drink Tang. But, there is a story that those who are considering advocating legalization of marijuana in Idah…

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