Twin Falls Local Celebrities First Jobs
There are a few names in Twin Falls that everyone knows. These individuals are well known for their hard work, dedication to our community and overall success. There involvement in our community and ability to be successful makes them local celebrities to Twin Falls residents.
Filer Baseball Team Fundraiser
The Filer Baseball team is holding a fundraiser in the hopes to collect money for their upcoming season. The fundraiser will consist of raffling off a Henry Golden Boy 22, plus a thousand rounds of ammo. Red's Trading Post has donated the gun to the fundraiser.
Some Local Restaurants Are Open on Christmas Day
Christmas dinner is typically spent with family, but most of us have had a year or two when we couldn't make it to dinner with the family. In this case you either make a sandwich at home or go to a local restaurant. Several restaurants are open in Twin Falls on Christmas day.
Local Twin Falls band gets TV spot in Boise, Idaho
Local Twin Falls punk rock band, SKiTTiSH iTZ, was aired on Boise Alternative earlier this year. They do a hilarious interview and feature the songs 'GENERATiON', 'THESE WORDS FULL OF HOPE', and 'SCENE iT'. The band, originally formed in Twin Falls in 2006, moved to Boi…
What Store Would You Like To See in a Twin Falls Mall? [POLL]
I like shopping locally, but sometime I will make the drive to a nearby town just so I can shop at one of my favorite stores that isn't in The Magic Valley. I feel bad because I am taking my money out of the valley.
As a women, I think we all dream about what stores we would like to have out of …
The Six Worst Allergy Mistakes

If you live in The Magic Valley and you have allergies you are probably miserable, chances are you're not doing everything you can to avoid them.  For example, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is leaving your windows open, including your car windows while you're driving.

Closing the windows…
Things In Life That Seem Like a Good Idea, But Never Work Out
No we are not talking about marriage! But there are a lot of things in life that seem fun and exciting only to find out that they are way out of reach or not nearly as fun as they seem.
We asked you what things seemed like a good idea but actually aren't and here are some of the answers we recei…
Smoke Free Bars In Twin Falls
The other day a friend of mine was talking  to me about how nice it is in Boise to goto dinner at some dance clubs/bars because they are know completely smoke free. She lives in Boise, and told me that almost all of the dance clubs and bars in downtown Boise are smoke free...

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