Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Announces 52 weeks Parental Leave
I truly believe that taking time off when your children are born is extremely important to the well being of your child. Newborn children require a lot of love and care. Plus, the bond developed between parents and children is put into place in the first 3 years of a child's life.
What Is The Magic Age For Leaving Your Kids In The Car?
I don't think there is anything wrong with leaving a 15 year old in the car while you run into the gas station to grab a soda, but I do think it is wrong to leave your 4 year old in the car. Although, I have left my son in an un-running, locked car while I ran into my house to grab something...
How Do You Ask Someone To Leave Your Home Nicely? [POLL]
Do you ever get sucked into letting someone into your home to do a demonstration? I do! Over the weekend I let Darron the Kerbey guy steam clean my area rug and he stayed for twoand half hours. He was very polite and did an excellent job with the demonstration but I just couldn't get him to leave. I…
A Guy Selling Magazines Door-To-Door Started a Fight with a Man
This story should warm your heart if you've ever felt like a door-to-door magazine salesman has held you HOSTAGE . . . until you finally caved and bought three subscriptions to "Juggs".
26-year-old Peter Trees is a door-to-door magazine salesman, and a REALLY obnoxious one.&nbs…