This story should warm your heart if you've ever felt like a door-to-door magazine salesman has held you HOSTAGE . . . until you finally caved and bought three subscriptions to "Juggs".

26-year-old Peter Trees is a door-to-door magazine salesman, and a REALLY obnoxious one.  Last week he was walking around Gainesville, Florida, knocking on doors and pushing subscriptions.

On Friday night, he knocked on Miguel Roman's door.  Miguel opened the door, listened to Peter's pitch, and told him he wasn't interested.  But Peter refused to leave and kept pushing.  So Miguel told him to leave his property

That sent Peter into a rage . . . and he actually PUNCHED Miguel in the face.  Then, he walked into Miguel's house.

There was only one thing Peter didn't realize.  Miguel was an off-duty FEDERAL AGENT. 

So, Miguel pulled his FIREARM on Peter and held him there until the police arrived.  Peter was arrested and charged with battery and burglary.