Would You Break Into A Car On A Hot Day If Kids Were In It [POLL]
Some people just aren't getting it! If it is hot outside - it is much hotter in a parked car.
In Texas a mom left her kids in the car so she could go get her hair done without being bothered by pesky little kids. Some random strangers saw the kids and since it is Texas and hot - they broke the w…
Is It OK To Leave Your Child in The Car For 5 Minutes? [Poll]
A few weekends ago I was reading one of mommy magazines on our way back from a family vacation. As I was reading I was feeling like a slight failure. All of the articles were about, "Amazing Mommy Projects", that I would never attempt. Then I came across an article that would chang…
33 Cheap Activities For Your Kids This Summer
I would love to sign my kids up for every amazing camp this summer but, lets be honest. I don't have an extra $500.00 and I would love some activities that I could do with them. Thanks to Viral NovaI, I found 33 great ideas:
1.) Make roads for toy cars by using colored tape on carpet.
2.) You can also…
Do You Make Your Kids Pick Only One Sport?
Summer schedules can get incredibly busy and really fun! My kids love sports, but a lot of sports are new to my kids. This can become overwhelming to my children because they are constantly learning new things and going directly from one sport to another.
This is the Video That Your Kids Are Watching
School is almost out for summer break. I think most of our teachers are as excited as our kids. I can't blame them, I would be thrilled. I'm also betting that things are getting a little more relaxed at school. For elementary students most of their big tests have been taken. Students are r…

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