Twin Falls Activities During Spring Break
Your kids are counting down the days until Spring Break! If you aren't leaving for spring break, you are probably trying to think of things to do to keep your kids occupied. A lot of families stay home due to work schedules or to save money during spring break. The good news is that Twin Falls offer…
This Proves That Kids Are Amazing
There is no doubt that kids are amazing but this story will blow you away. Earlier this month, a 10-year-old girl named Cara Jumper was out in the woods checking hunting traps with her 72-year-old grandfather Coy... when he suddenly had a stroke and fell into a pond.
Without hesitating, Cara dove in …
Things To Do In Twin Falls On a Cold Day
We have had two weekends with awful weather conditions. My family loves the outdoors, so on Sunday afternoon it was an under statement to say they had cabin fever. It was time to find something to do!
Here is a complete list of fun things to do in Twin Falls on a cold weekend:
21 Clear Signs You’re a Mom
This list makes me laugh... not only because it's true, but because it makes me realize all us mommies are dealing with the same things.
10 Flower Girls Who Are Terrible at Their Job
To an adult, it seems like the simplest task in the world. But to a small child, walking down an aisle and sprinkling flower petals on the ground is apparently totally terrifying. Here are some videos of little girls who just can't handle the pressure of being flower girl...
What Ridiculous Things Did Your Parents Tell You?
Most of us believed everything our parents told us when we were little. I remember sitting at the dinner table, choking down every last carrot on my plate because my Grandfather had told me, "if you don't eat your carrots you'll go blind".
What Do You Think of Doggie Doo?
Are you familiar with this game? My kids love it! It's truly the only game they can play for over an hour without getting bored. I don't love the game but its hard to get rid of something that makes your kids laugh and keeps them entertained...

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