Do Men Handle the Flu Worse Than Women?
I will admit that most men are physically stronger than women. But when it comes to who can deal better with the flu, my money's on women.
According to a new survey from Express women say men are WAY worse at handling the flu . . . and men don't completely disagree.
In the survey, only 41% of men say …
Is a Fly In the Car More Dangerous Than Texting and Driving?
Fly's are EVERYWHERE right now. They are so bad this year that local stores have posted signs saying they are out of fly spray, fly strips and fly traps. You can't sit down anywhere without 5 flies landing on you. I think the worst time a fly can bother you is when you are in the car. We have all be…
Do You Remember This About Twin Falls?
I may be dating myself by admitting that I remember these things about Twin Falls, but my Grandmother always said age was a good thing. Recently, an out of state friend asked me what had changed about Twin Falls. At first I thought this is Twin...nothing has changed. Then I realized a lot has change…
You Could Name a Run On Soldier Mountain
The Trail committee at Soldier Mountain has some new runs to rename and Soldier is asking for your help. There are 14 runs that need names. They will consider all suggestions and would like any history you have  to go with your suggestion.
CSI Corn Maze
Celebrate autumn with a Magic Valley tradition: the CSI Corn Maze!
What Phase Did You Go Through That You Still CRINGE About Today?
What phase did you go through that you still CRINGE about today? Don't lie, you know you had a mullet, big bangs, wore your jean jacket with your jeans or went through a gothic phase. There was a discussion online at Reddit. . . check out a few highlights:  There was an Indian guy who went…
Are You Afraid To Eat Chobani Yogurt?
I like chobani yogurt. It tastes good, is all natural and the plant is in our backyard. Unbforunatly for Chobani, two months ago rumors surfaced about moldy yogurt cups from the Twin Falls plant. People continue to report illnesses to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
According to The Times-news…
A New Pocket Park in Downtown Twin Falls
The changes in downtown Twin Falls have been exciting for all Twin Falls residents in the past year. Buildings that have sat empty for years are being restored and opened to the public. Yesterday Twin Falls received even more good news. Plans to build a pocket park in downtown Twin Falls are moving …
Did Obama Really Stop Smoking?
Obama has been criticized for smoking because his wife promotes living a healthy lifestyle. Apparently, the President has announced that he hasn't smoked in years thanks to his fear of the first lady, Michelle Obama.
Obama made the announcement in causal conversation when he was caught chatting off-g…
Great Harvest Bread Company is Having a Grand Opening Celebration
This Friday and Saturday Great Harvest is celebrating their new Twin Falls location in the Fred Meyer complex between Orange Leaf and Mandarin House.
On Friday the first 50 customers receive a door prize!
On Saturday join KEZJ from 11am to 1pm for prizes, raffles and fun for the kids...
Join Jackie and Rob Green Today from 3 to 5 at The Magic Valley Mall
Don't miss out on the final MEGA tent event sale. Rob Green has moved their inventory to the Magic Valley Mall.No matter what make and model you are looking for they have something for you.
Inventory from 4 states, discounts and rebates on select models. Not all customers will qualify for all re…

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