Natalie Wheeler Won Morning Show Munchies
Natalie and the staff at The United States Post Office in downtown Twin Falls won Morning Show Munchies and received a HUGE gift basket from Great Harvest Bread. You could win too. We pick one lucky winner ever week! Enter today.
ALL breads & treats at Great Harvest are handcrafted to make t…
Are You Already Getting Ready For Christmas Parties?
Here's yet another sign we're letting Christmas completely take over November and proof that women put WAY more into things than men do. According to a new study from Daily Mail, the average woman has already started getting ready for Christmas party season.
The average woman puts in 49 hours over th…
What Ridiculous Things Did Your Parents Tell You?
Most of us believed everything our parents told us when we were little. I remember sitting at the dinner table, choking down every last carrot on my plate because my Grandfather had told me, "if you don't eat your carrots you'll go blind".
Is It Rude to Ask Your Guests to Take Off Their Shoes?
Shoes are gross. We walk in public bathrooms, through mud puddles, across grass that has been used as a restroom for animals and then we walk in our houses. Some things in life you can look past others you can not!
Do you make your guests take off their shoes when they come into your home?
What Do You Think of Doggie Doo?
Are you familiar with this game? My kids love it! It's truly the only game they can play for over an hour without getting bored. I don't love the game but its hard to get rid of something that makes your kids laugh and keeps them entertained...
Another New Restaurant Coming To Twin Falls
Twin Falls is growing at an alarming rate! Most people are excited about the growth. Growth opens opportunities for all of us. And as consumers, growth gives us more options, that this area has been lacking for years. We just heard about Culvers coming to Twin and now it has been announced that Dick…
Jump Time’s Grand Opening With Jackie
Join Jackie at Jump Time Saturday, November 2nd from 1:00 to 3:00 for their Grand Opening!

Raffle prizes
Gift Certificates
Free jump passes
 Jump for 1 hour and get the 2nd hour free

Jump Time Idaho has a jump area, dodge ball, a foam pit and lots of other activities...
Shots Fired at LAX
Police are currently investigating reports of shots fired at the Los Angeles International Airport. KMVT reports at least one person has been spotted with blood over their shirt. There are several ambulances at the airport. Reports from the scene say at least three people have been injured...
How Much is the Stuff in Your Purse Worth?
I believe that my grandma has thousands of dollars worth of stuff in her purse.  Her purse is the size of a suitcase and the stuff inside could be sold at antique stores.  But I'm pretty sure my purse has $5.00 worth of valuables in it. I may be wrong. According to a new survey from the Daily Mail, …

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