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Six Times You Shouldn’t Wear Flip-Flops
I realize some people won't talk to you if they see that you are wearing flip flops because they HATE them. However, there are a lot of people that love flip flops and practically live in them from March to November. According to Health.com, there are a few times that you should not be wearing flip-…
Are Flip Flops Acceptable at the Office?
75 degree weather means it is officially flip-flop season. Some people love flip-flops while others can't stand them. Those that love flip flops seem to wear them everywhere. Even to work.
Is it Harder to Drive in Flip Flops or High Heels?
I drive in flip flops all of the time but when I drive in high heels I take my shoes off and drive bare foot. Flip flops seem easy to drive in while high heels are not the most conformable thing to drive in. According to a new survey from the Daily Mail, wearing flip flops is one of the most dangero…