I drive in flip flops all of the time but when I drive in high heels I take my shoes off and drive bare foot. Flip flops seem easy to drive in while high heels are not the most conformable thing to drive in. According to a new survey from the Daily Mail, wearing flip flops is one of the most dangerous things you can do while driving.

More than half of people admit it's a struggle to drive in them, and 11% have gotten a flip flop got STUCK under one of the pedals.

 But 33% of people STILL drive in flip flops . . . even though it takes about a tenth of a second longer to hit the brakes, on average.  And moving your foot between the pedals takes twice as long in flip flops compared to high heels.

 Here are the five most-dangerous types of footwear to drive in.

 1.  Flip flops.  51% of drivers said they're hard to drive in.

 2.  Bare feet, 49%

 3.  Heels, 38%

 4.  Flats, 25%

 5.  Sandals OTHER than flip flops, 18%