Is Jim Carrey Dead?
So the other day we see a facebook hoax regarding privacy policy and now there's a rumor flying around facebook that Jim Carrey is dead.
Just to set the record straight, Mr. Carrey is just fine and he did not die in a snowboarding accident...
Your Facebook Copyright Notice Status Update Is Bogus
If you've been on Facebook over the last few days, you've probably seen that some of your friends have posted a copyright notice as their status update.
The message suggests that the poster has copyrighted all the material on their Facebook page thanks to the authority of somethin…
Everyone was posting pictures on Facebook and Tweeter yesterday before, during and after voting. Rather you liked the pictures or not, the they encouraged voting. I just hope you were careful about the types of pictures. According to The FW you could get in big trouble.
Parents Embarrass Teen With Hilarious Facebook Pics
We love our parents; we really do. It's just that during those early years, they can seem like the most embarrassing people on the planet. It's tough enough growing up (kudos to you if you can read the word "puberty" without wincing) without lame-o parents humiliating you, but when it come…
Would you rather someone steal your cell phone or your Facebook?
You know when you read a friend's status update on Facebook and the post seems completely out of character?  It might be the burliest guy you know talking about how much he likes butterflies and unicorns.  It doesn't take long to figure out that someone (usually a family member o…

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