Top 3 New Years Resolution Diet Killers
Congratulations on everyone for making it to 2016! From the looks of social media (and the YMCA gym) there are a great number of you who have decided to get into better shape. Good for you!
What Is The Best Way To Track Your Weight?
I've never been on a special diet to lose or gain weight. The thought of having to monitor my food intake sounds horrible - plus knowing what I eat and how much might not be good. I don't want to be in any future medical books as an example of doing life wrong.
Would Do Take a Blacklight Yoga Class?
Kids seem to love black lights, especially at amusement parks. I'm personally not a fan of black lights because I love to wear black, and black shirts under a black light show dust and lint on your shirt. It's almost gross looking.
Apparently, I am the only one that doesn't care f…
Is CrossFit Better Than Lifting Weights?
If you made a New Years resolution to get more fit, or you have been involved in the fitness industry in the past. You may have an opinion or questions about CrossFit verse weight lifting.
Another New Diet For 2015 – Don’t Eat After 4pm
I don't know what there are more of - fashion fads or diet fads. In just the last few weeks I've heard of diets where you count your bites, or you only need to exercise for 1 minute each day, and now another new diet for 2015 - don't eat after 4pm.
Do You Workout Better at a Gym or at Home? [poll]
When it comes to exercising, I'm finding that there are two camps.  Those that work out best at a gym and those that work out better at home.
I have a lot of friends who prefer to workout a gym.  They say that being in a group of others who are also working out is motivational and keep…
This Is Why I Don’t Do Crossfit [VIDEO]
I am not a super healthy person - but I am not overweight. I go to the gym once in a while or do some push ups at home. My wife on the other hand is crazy fit! She goes to the gym 4 or 5 times a week and eats healthy too. But even she isn't into Crossfit.

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