How Many Calories Does Shivering Burn?
So - the groundhog saw his shadow and we are in for another 6 weeks of winter. But rather than be sad about the cold, you should be happy because all that shivering you will do could help you lose weight! How many calories does shivering burn?
Eight Lies We Tell Ourselves The Most
Have you ever told yourslef that you were going to start exercising "On Monday?"  Yep. Monday. That's the day I'm going to undo years of bodily neglect.  Monday comes and lunchtime hits and you're elbow deep into a chili-cheese-dog.
Do You Want Treadmills in Your Office?
Traditional work hours are changing and so are traditional working environments. Some cooperate office offer gym memberships others are working gyms, grocery stores and even laundry facility's into work spaces.
Can Guys Take Pilates? [POLL]
My husband works extremely hard, which leaves him with back pain sometimes. So I thought Pilates might help him because if your leg muscles are stiff you are guaranteed to have a stiff back.
If You Are Driving In The Canyon Do Walkers Bother You? [POLL]
It never fails that the weather gets nice and everyone and their dog, best friend and baby walk the canyon to get into shape. I personally like to walk the canyon...it's a great workout. You do have to look out for cars while walking the canyon. Even though it is a canyon, some people still dri…
Endorphins: I don’t “Get Them”
I have friends that work out religiously.  Most of them claim to experience a rush of endorphins following a run or a work out.
According to medicine.net, endorphins are a brain chemical that's released during periods of stress or pain...
Six Habits of Skinny People
Around 80% of people who lose weight by dieting end up gaining it back within two years.  And a lot of them end up heavier than they were before.  Obviously, the secret to staying thin LONG-TERM is exercise.
How Health Are You?

Here's a list from DivineCaroline.com of four signs you're in relatively GOOD health.

1. When You Empty Your Bladder, It's Fairly Clear. It should be a pale yellow color, and you should be using the bathroom a few times a day.  It's a sign that you're properly hydrated, and your kidneys are healt…
How To Mend a Friendship
I take a local exercise class twice a week in Twin Falls. One of the reasons I like this class so much is that it gives me a chance to have a little interaction with adults. Don't get me wrong, I love my interaction with my kids, but I can only talk about Thomas and Friends for so many hours.