What Annoys You Most While Driving?
If you spend a lot of time in the car with your family you are bound to be annoyed at some point or another. Your kids can kick your seat, fight with each other, play with a load toy all while your spouse is being a backseat driver. According to a new survey from Yahoo Autos / Los Angeles Times, the…
Frustrated by Farm Equipment on the Streets? Get Over It.
I was within earshot of a conversation about tractors on the street.  One of the people was a transplant from a bigger city and was complaining about always "being held up by tractors on the road."
I held my tongue until he said "Why can't the make it a law that t…
The Biggest Distraction Behind the Wheel is Children
We have all been driving down the road opening a chocolate milk, loading a DVD player and unwrapping a hamburger for our children in the back seat. Even though I have done this million times in my car I still think that texting while driving is more distracting.
56% of Americans Drive with Their Dog in the Car

I think most pet owners want their pets with them as often as possible, which is why we try to take our animals with us everywhere we go. But, there's a good chance it'll negatively affect your driving.
There's a new survey in PR Newswire from Triple-A and a company called Kurgo that makes pet tra…

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