Is It Rude To Answer Your Phone During Dinner With Friends?
When I am not with my kids I  make sure to keep my phone with me at all times in case they need me. It may be rude to have your cell phone sitting with you at someone else dinner table and it is probably twice as rude if you excuse yourself to answer the phone. But sometimes you just have to ta…
What Time Should Dinner Be Served? [POLL]
Some nights I find myself cooking dinner at 5:00 because one of the kids is STARVING. My husband constantly gives be a bad time if we eat anytime before 6:00, and I complain if we eat past 6:30. It is a constant disagreement in my household that is driving me crazy.
You Pick, Bradley Cooper or Matthew Mcconaughey? [POLL]
This may be a question for single ladies, or it might not be. Keep in mind,we don't have Bradley or Matthew's phone number anymore so we are only asking this question hypothetically. Nobody is really going to get dinner with either. Sorry...
Magic Valley’s Got Talent – Gala Event [Update]
We just received word  that gala tickets could EASILY be sold out by Midnight tonight.   Get your tickets before they're gone.
Join us March 12 at 5:30pm for the Main Event. Enjoy a luxurious catered dinner from Local Dish, then watch the Top 10 compete and vote for the winner...