Average Cost Of An Idaho Wedding
Your wedding day is important. It's the day you vow, in front of everyone you know, that you will love and commit to one person for the rest of your life.
People Spend About $280 on Their Halloween Parties
Even in a bad economy, people are not willing to cancel their Halloween parties with sweet decorations and tons of food.
According to a new survey from PR Newswire, the average person throwing a Halloween party will spend at least $280.
Ten Things That Suddenly Cost Way More
There were some new numbers last Friday about the Consumer Price Index . . . that's a measurement of the overall price of household goods.  According to the new stats, it's gone up 2.7% in the last year.
And the price of gas . . . which has gone up 28% in the last year . . . is just the tip of the ic…
Is It Rude To Ask Someone How Much Something Cost Them?
This weekend I was visiting with some good friends of mine and they asked me how much my lamp in my living room was. This raised a red flag with me, only because I was raised that you never ask someone how much something is. It is their personal business how much something cost them. '
On the other h…
Complaints About Modern Life That Are Total Bologna
It's easy to be negative these days, what with the economy in the crapper . . . and all that turmoil in Egypt.  But a lot of the things people complain about just aren't backed up by statistics.  Here's a list from "Cracked" of the top four.
#1.)  Everything Is So Expensive.  In 1950, you c…