Even in a bad economy, people are not willing to cancel their Halloween parties with sweet decorations and tons of food.

According to a new survey from PR Newswire, the average person throwing a Halloween party will spend at least $280.

Although that's less than people will spend on New Year's Eve and Christmas parties.  The average person this year will spend $300 on a New Year's party and $480 on a Christmas or holiday party.

Party spending goes up by age.  For Halloween, people 18-to-34 average $160 on their parties . . . people 35-to-54 average $320 . . . and people 55 and over will spend $450.

86% of people say they'll spend at least as much on this year's Halloween party as they did last year.  90% will spend as much on Christmas, and 91% will spend as much on New Year's.

Of those people, 45% plan to spend more this year than last year.

Overall, Americans will spend at least $3 billion on parties for those three holidays this year.

How much will you spend on Halloween?